Colombia - Santa Barbara Estate

Posted on February 28, 2012 by Andrew Burgason


Okay here we go. This is our fist coffee analysis entry. We are very excited about our newest Colombia coffee. Today we broke into the Colombia Santa Barbara Estate with very high hopes. We started by sample roasting this coffee to five different roast profiles. But before we get into the details about how it taste. Lets get some details about this fine estate.

Country: Colombia

Region: Antioquia

Farm: Santa Barbara Estate

Process: Washed (traditional)

This coffee is really exciting. Colombian farmers generally produce on around 2 hectares of land and therefore cannot create enough coffee in order to mill and expore themselves. Therefore they combine their coffees with that of thousands of others in order to process and export. The Santa Barbara Estate is an exception. Here they farm on 350 hectares, giving them the ability to wash, process, and export their coffees on their own. This allows them to take great care of their coffee from start to finish creating a vibrant coffee full of character.

Profile: This coffee has a very clean melon sweetness, and a citris acidity. The sweetness quickly gives way to a full milk chocolate, with a body that is creamy and velvety. Definitly more vibrant than most Colombia's.


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