our people

Our people behind the bar make the dream of coffee shop community come to life.

WE’RE HIRING! Looking for barista team members with full-time availability or part-time availability of 25 hours. Stop in the shop to pick up an application or download one here. Submit in-person at our Southgate location or email to jordan@burgiescoffee.com



Jordan grew up working around Burgie’s through his childhood and started working full-time around 2013. Besides coffee, he holds a special place in his heart for the avocado smash which he and his wife introduced to the shop. Jordan loves training younger generations in basketball and spending time with his family of 4!


Joined our team: April 2018

Almost anything Rachel can do with her left hand she can also do with her right hand… except pour a latte. With her left hand, Rachel is fierce competition in any latte art throw down. She also loves bouldering, reading, making seasonal playlists, and baking.



Joined our team: March 2018

Luke has worked in coffee for nearly 5 years, and considers behind-the-bar to be his natural state. He works closely with Windmill Coffee Roasters to ensure our drinks have the highest quality beans and our baristas are equipped with the coffee education they need to make a great cup.


Joined our team: April 2019

Simple and comforting: two words that describe both team member Odessa and her favorite Burgie’s drink, a breve. Outside of coffee community, Odessa is busy making strides in the music world teaching piano and participating in the Iowa State Singers.



Joined our team: May 2019

In classic mathematician form, Ryan prefers a double shot of espresso to power through studying. Growing up, he memorized over 100 digits of Pi! Now he uses that incredible focus to create exceptional drinks and serve customers well.


Joined our team: July 2019

When you see Jamie’s face behind the counter, you can be sure to receive a smile with your order. Jamie is studying to become a surgical technologist and fills her daily lifestyle with healthy food and meal prep, workouts, singing, and spending time with her husband Adam.



Joined our team: July 2019

Rachel is our personal Yellowstone National Park expert as well as a whiz in the kitchen with previous culinary and bakery experience under her belt. She’s a self-proclaimed “sucker for breakfast foods” and excited to deep dive into craft coffee education.


Joined our team: August 2019

Jacob has eaten the worlds hottest pepper, can solve the Rubik’s cube in under a minute, and is “kinda a huge candle guy.” It’s not the exact resume we look for when hiring baristas, but it definitely doesn’t hurt.

IMG_5607 3.JPG


Joined our team: August 2019

The first drink Yancey tried at Burgie’s remains her favorite (matcha tonic). Never feeling the need to stay tied to the usual, Yancey is also a hissing cockroach owner!


Joined our team: August 2019

Jessica says that from finding out about Burgie’s even halfway across the country, she could tell that it was a community-centric place she wanted to work. A new local hailing from Florida, she’s never lived through a winter, so she’s taking all hints and tips!



Joined our team: September 2019

Blake is the talent behind our newest merch design. Beyond Burgie’s he’s an entrepreneur and designer for his business BLDR. Through the G.O.A.T. breakfast combo of a Farmer’s Burrito + El Zapote, Blake is excited to learn more about the coffee trade.


Joined our team: September 2019

Before Burgie’s, Leo lived in Florida where he studied in worship school. Leo is pursuing full-time ministry, but loves spending time with his wife and friends over oat milk lattes and books. He’s in the coffee world because it brings people together, so be sure to say hi when you see him!