Our Mission

Our story began in 1983 when we first experienced the wonder of the café culture in Vienna, Austria. It was there that we noticed coffee’s remarkable ability to inspire and energize people. We wanted to create the same stimulating environment when we returned to Iowa…we wanted to explore how a perfectly brewed cup could bring people together for meaningful conversation. When we opened our first café in 1990, we discovered that coffee had a unique way of uniting its drinkers in the pursuit of friendship and knowledge.
Burgie’s continually strives for excellence in our coffee. The finest quality Arabica beans are selected from countries of origin around the world. Through the combination of science and the roasters art, these select beans are transformed under the watchful eye of our skilled master roaster who diligently follows the exact specifications of our roast profile.
Here at Burgie’s we purvey extraordinary coffee, promote the lifelong pursuit of wisdom and believe that everyone has a story worth telling. As we passionately pursue these ideals, we want to help individuals in need, support causes close to our heart and encourage others to explore new stories.
Now you know part of our story, we hope that our coffee helps to enhance your own.


Steve and Anne Burgason

Burgie’s Coffee and Tea Company

Press Pot Coffee Class
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November 29, 2011

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